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The Trump Painting Trump Portrait Story

19 Nov


Prophetic, Symbolic, Patriotic…..Historic!

It began on July 9th, 2015.  As I was looking intently at a photo of Donald Trump and listening to him speak, I hear the words ‘Unafraid And Unashamed’ ticker tape through my mind as the image of a Bald Eagle swooped down to snatch a falling American flag and flag pole.  I began to find images of eagles online snatching fish out of the water to see if I could find the right posture and attitude I could see in the vision. At the time I was busy working on other projects in my studio. I went about my way, but the image did not leave my mind, it was seared onto the screen of my mind.  It began to grow within, increasing in pressure as time passed, ‘paint the Trump painting, Trump painting, Trump painting…’ it was as if the image was saying to me, ‘get on with it’….the pressure continued to increase!
On August 20th, I finally sat down at my computer to work on the image of the Trump Painting.  I worked on creating an eagle from the images I found in July that was both snatching and screaming.  My 13 year old daughter Victoria, came into my office and asked me what I was doing working on an eagle, since I had told no one what I was thinking. Also it was a departure from my recent abstract expressionist work! Victoria thought I was going to build a sculpture of the eagle, since at that time that I was working in steel.  I told Victoria that I was working on a painting in my mind, without telling any details.  Victoria left the room and then did an about face and said out of the blue, ‘Dad, why don’t you paint a painting of the Eagle and give it to Donald Trump so WHEN he becomes President he can hang it in the White House.’  I was stunned by the utterance, out of the mouth of babes the spirit now spoke to me. I sat there staring at her innocent and beautiful face, I was amazed, speechless and in awe!  She shrugged her shoulders and left the room!  Victoria had no idea I was planning to paint a painting about Donald Trump, which included a Bald Eagle; somehow she connected the dots and spoke!
The very next morning, August the 21st, I went to CNN online to see what Mr. Trump was saying that day.  There was a video segment about a Time Magazine photo shoot at Trump Tower.  I pressed play, as it was about a ‘visitor’ Trump had that morning at Trump Tower.
Who was this visitor I wondered? Suddenly, as the video rolled, there on the screen, in front of me was a photo of Donald Trump standing in his office, that very morning with a Bald Eagle perched on his arm! I was stunned!  I stared at the screen in disbelief.  The lighting in the photo was very strong and it looked superimposed.  I actually thought it was a hoax, a fake, a Photoshop of Donald Trump with a bald eagle.  That somehow, someone knew what I was thinking about The Trump Painting and was fooling with me….I continued to stare at the screen in disbelief!  I felt like a car had hit me, the jolt was so powerful, it really messed with my perception; I could not believe my eyes! WOW! WOW! WOW! I was dumbfounded by this staggering series of events!
Think about it for a moment, for nearly six weeks I had been thinking daily about an image of Donald Trump’s face staring out at me, a Bald Eagle rescuing symbolically the falling American flag, as I daily tried to compose the Trump Painting on the screen of my mind.  This could have just been a good idea I had, painting a painting of Trump could be a smart move as an artist, it could be a ‘big deal’ for my career…But I was very busy working on other projects, steel sculpture in particular which was very exciting, more so than what was going on inside my head. But the image of the Trump Painting replayed itself daily in my mind.
The internal pressure had eventually increased to the point where I had to sit down and start actually working on the elements in the Trump painting in the physical sense.  So finally I am at my computer working on the Eagle, creating a snatching & screaming Eagle.  This is the first day that I sat down to work on developing image, the only day since July 9th.  Then out of nowhere my daughter Victoria engages me about the Eagle and then says what she said out of left field that very night. I knew then I had to paint the painting.  And then, the very next morning, I see the photo of Donald Trump in his office with the Bald Eagle perched on his arm, then the video of the Bald Eagle sitting on his desk. Amazing! I nearly fell off my chair!
There were 21 candidates running at that time on both sides, Republican and Democrat.  Why was it that only Trump decided to take a picture with a Bald Eagle that morning?  None of the other candidates took pictures with a Bald Eagle, as if this was some ritual that presidential candidates do when running for office.  Even for Trump it was unusual.  How many photos exist of Trump with an Eagle perched on his arm? Just one! If Trump was a collector of Eagles it would not be that odd, but on that day, August 21st, 2015 Donald Trump alone does a photo shoot with the Bald Eagle.
People I think interpret unusual series of events as we seek to discover God’s guidance, in our efforts into tap into and understand the plan for our lives and for our tomorrows, at least that is what I do. There are ideas, visions, plans etc. we can have within ourselves, that when they are confirmed on different levels from the outside without anyone knowing what is going on inside, it indicates to me an intervention from a Source greater than self since it is now out of our control.  Could this all have been coincidence or is the Hand of Destiny really in control, was this a spiritual revelation indicating Trump would become the 45th  President Of The United States?  Remember this was last year, 2015 when Trump was up against 16 other republican candidates!
What does this all mean?  What was Trump trying to say? Does this series of ‘events’ tell a story that is speaking of future events?  Remember at that time Donald Trump was not being taken seriously.  At that time and until this day Trump’s candidacy has been mocked, ridiculed and ‘expertly’ explained as continually imploding by all manner of political professionals, commentators, experts in the media, talking heads on TV and radio pundits!
Trump has defied political gravity; Trump won the Republican nomination and defeated 16 other professional and formidable political opponents and this he did as an outsider, businessman and political novice never having been elected!  Trump’s candidacy has been nothing but meteoric, historic and prophetic.  This story of the inspiration and creation of the Trump painting ‘Unafraid And Unashamed’ speaks to that very fact and is a physical ‘sign’ that captures this historic presidential race like nothing else by painting a picture of the future.
On this date August the 26th, 2016 the Trump painting which was completed last year in September 2015 so far has painted a remarkable picture of what we are seeing taking place right now.  The contents of the painting, the symbols contained all point to Donald Trump as the next President of the United States of America! We will know on November the 8th, 2016.
Please enjoy the rest of the story about the creation of the Trump Painting and how the inspiration of this painting opened up a door to a grassroots political campaign that has taken the artist, New Born citizen and Alternate New York Delegate Julian Raven from coast to coast.






Is there Anti-Trump & Anti Pro-Trump Art Bias/Blackout in the local media?

6 Oct

You may not like Donald Trump or his supporters.  You may not like me, Julian Raven, my painting or my efforts to help elect Trump for President.  And that is ok, we live in a great country where freedom is cherished.


The problem locally is the deliberate effort by the local media, The Stat Gazette, The Leader, WENY and WETM to ignore news worthy events related to Trump.  Since November the 1st 2015, these so called objective ‘news’ sources have done their best to ignore this story.  At first I thought maybe I was imagining things? I invited over 50 journalists and news platforms for the unveiling of the 8×16 foot Trump painting which took me nearly 600 hours to finish back on November 1st, 2015.  One reporter came from Time Warner Cable News.

link: http://www.twcnews.com/nys/binghamton/news/2015/11/1/local-artist-unveils-patriotic-painting-inspired-by-donald-trump.html

This proves that the invitation went out and was received and at least someone covered it from Binghamton.  At that time Trump was still not taken seriously.  But there was nothing going on that night on November the first locally, where were the rest of them?  We secured the Split Rock Cafe in the Arena and had a rally for Trump and Dan Mandell and unveiled the Trump painting.  A local story about art, faith, patriotism and local politics completely ignored!

Since then I personally have travelled the country on my patriotic journey as a new born citizen.  The painting has been part of a grassroots campaign that has been life changing.  The 30 day, 5700 mile IOWA Caucused campaign was covered by conservative talker Frank Acomb from Frankly Speaking in Corning.  This remarkable journey of faith, art and patriotism was completely ignored locally but picked up nationally and internationally.

Link: http://freebeacon.com/culture/immigrant-christian-abstract-expressionists-for-trump/

5 local grassroots Trump rallies later and only 2 reporters in total have come, the one from TWC and an Ithaca reporter from the Ithaca Times.  The local media was invited to each event.  WETM’s Tenner Jubenville did a piece on the Trump Banner at my art studio.  But when it came to covering the rally which he wanted to do, was unable to make it.

At our last rally we had a handful of New York politicians or their representatives about 120 people and it was a great rally.  For the run-down part of Elmira I am working on restoring, Baldwin St. had not seen so much traffic in many years!


Elmira grassroots Trump rally.

Since painting the Trump painting, I became a US citizen, a grassroots campaigner for Donald Trump and an Alternate Delegate from New York who within 9 months of becoming a citizen was sitting on the front row of the New York Delegation at the Republican National Convention! I did not realize what a big deal that was until I went to Cleveland.  What an honor!  And what a blessing from God!


NY GOP Chairman Ed Cox at Delegation HQ in Cleveland, RNC.

So, is there a media blackout locally against Trump, pro Trump art and Trump supporters?  Well read this article about the national media and another pro-Trump art event and see what you think.  ‘New York Journalists Concoct Media Blackout Against Pro-Trump Art Show’

Link: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/10/05/writer-jamie-peck-asks-media-blackout-pro-trump-art-show/

What is so repulsive about this type of behavior is that these people pretend to be unbiased in their coverage of the news. If they were overtly liberal and admitted it, then fine be anti-Trump, but this type of skullduggery is reprehensible! It is a form a tyranny, it is an abuse of power!

I had asked Frank Acomb to write an invitation to Donald Trump to have him on his show. I forwarded it to the contacts in the Trump campaign that I have and within a month Donald Trump surprised Frank with a call in to his morning radio show. This was HUGE for Frank and his career. Since it was a surprise call in Frank put out a press release the next day to see if the local press/media was interested in sharing the great story and the great interview Frank conducted with Trump. Did anyone of the local news platforms pick up the story? You can answer that question.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/frank-acomb/donald-trump-on-frankly-speaking-with-frank-acomb?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook


Donald Trump And Frank Acomb

Since then my Trump painting has continued its journey. From the LA art show where it was on show with America’s most prominent political artists both liberal and conservative, to recently being featured in the highly liberal Huffington Post’s ‘If This Art Could Vote’ collection of 2016 Election Art.

Link: http://ifthisartcouldvote.huffingtonpost.com/post/151197962609/unafraid-and-unashamed-julian-raven-acrylic-on


Huffington Post ‘If This Art Could Vote’

This is relevant local Elmira news in my opinion. The frustration with biased media is very disheartening. One of my goals is to create a new local media platform to present the rest of the story. If you distrust the media and see the need as I do, then call me. 607-215-8711

Now you know the rest of the story!

Julian Raven.




Political Election Art, Propaganda And The Trump Painting

5 Oct

Following a comment about my Trump painting, ‘Unafraid And Unashamed’ that if the face, flag and nation were swapped with Lenin/Stalin, it could be just like Russian propaganda art, I did some research and the results are very interesting. See if you can spot the odd one out of the three photos.

Liberals are just ashamed to be openly patriotic it seems. Painting a flag and an eagle unless it is anti-American is just not acceptable. And if you do it, it is immediately evil nationalistic propaganda. As if free people and their art needs to be filtered through the lens of communist dictatorships!

My goodness, celebrating some of the greatest symbols of human progress, prosperity, religious freedom, freedom of conscience, political freedom and civil government for and by the people should be welcomed, I would think?

But ‘NO’, you need to drag the flag into the mud! The art has to be devoid of patriotism and any celebration of America, except if it is a liberal candidate, and then it can have a small hint of flag in the corner somewhere, but NO VISIBLE AMERICAN FLAGS! I get it, America is made up of broken sinful human beings that have made many mistakes, some people have used their freedoms for evil etc. But the American heart is so much bigger and brighter and well meaning than all of its failures and sins. And the good America has done is so much greater than the evil.


But some people can only see the failures, mistakes, sins and corruptions. And true we should not ignore those things, but we should work towards reversing and changing by the grace of God. Repentance is a gift, this we should do as a Nation, which means to change 180 degrees, whilst walking in appreciation for the freedoms to work against the sins of the land under the very flag that gives us the freedom to do so.

The flag is the symbol of the permission to do right, to pursue happiness. Embracing inspiration from the corruption and unspeakable evils of communism is very sick.

Socialism, Communism, fascism, totalitarianism etc. are all failed systems of government, and they have brought great evil upon mankind. One of the only systems, even run by imperfect men that works is our American Constitutional Democratic Representational Republic built upon the foundations of the Truths in the Bible. Our system only works the way it does because God is in it and under it as the foundation. Only God’s Kingdom will be perfect, ruled by a perfect King, Jesus Christ, which thank God is to come. But in the meantime, we have America to cherish!


So I say let great art celebrate America and the great gift to mankind that it is!

May God continue to bless America!

VOTE Trump!

Julian Raven

P.s. The Hillary poster artist claims there is not connections with Maoist propaganda.  But the similarities are quite eerie!