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13 Dec


December 13th, 2016

Smithsonian Says NO To Trump Portrait – Smithsonian Has 4 OLD Trump Portraits “Apple Tossing Trump” PHOTO From 1989 Will Do For Inauguration Of Trump

Mr. James Smithson founded the Smithsonian Institute for the ‘Increase and diffusion of Knowledge’. As unprecedented global historic events have unfolded recently with the election of Donald J. Trump, one would think that a correlating historical pictorial expression would take place at our Nations most prestigious National Art Museum, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

We are delighted to inform you that it will take place just as imagined! The Trump Art Show is ON!

BREAKING NEWS: In a classic David and Goliath battle, the Smithsonian Institute has issued a series of seemingly pointless and empty statements in their present objections to showing The Trump portrait and painting by artist Julian Raven, ‘Unafraid And Unashamed’.  Dr. Richard Kurin, Smithsonian Provost and Under Secretary for Museums & Research, appeals to ‘recent tradition’ as validation for his rejection of the Trump Portrait.  See letter here: http://www.unafraid-and-unashamed.com/smithsonian-responds-by-dr.-kurin.html

A supposed ‘Long Planned’ event, secret until the now, rejected Trump Portrait application was submitted on December 1st, 2016, forced the Smithsonian to show its hand on December 9th, 2016 by releasing a ‘press release’ about this wonderful and formerly secret event.  With full red, white and blue patriotic fervor, the Smithsonian Institute plans to show the ‘Apple Tossing Trump’ photo by Michael O’Brien, at the National Portrait Gallery for the historic commemoration of the unprecedented Trump election win and inauguration.


Questioned by Michelle Ross of WETM18 News about the refusal to even accept the application and show the Pro-Trump campaign portrait and painting, the spokeswoman for the Smithsonian issued another stunning statement.

“There is a process we go through when we acquire a work of art and it has to be decided by the museum’s curators and director, so it’s a process, and we really don’t need to go through such a process since we already have our own.” Linda St. Thomas


There you have it folks, no ‘process’ is ever necessary, in fact throw it to the wind, when you already have in your archives the necessary outdated artwork to commemorate such a current historic event.  We were surprised that the Smithsonian did not insist on using a photo of Donald Trump as a baby for such an auspicious occasion!

Back on January the 17th, 2009, the Smithsonian showed the political campaign Obama ‘Hope’ poster to commemorate the historic election of then President Elect Obama.  But now, rejecting the ‘too political’ campaign portrait and painting as ‘unnecessary’ since the Smithsonian has the 1989 photo of Donald Trump ‘Tossing an apple with his right hand!” Yes you heard it right here people, Trump actually tossing an apple into the air with his right hand.  The relevance to Trump’s ‘meteoric’ political campaign must be hidden in the symbolism of the flying apple! Such profundities never cease to amaze us at the Smithsonian!

With this staggering news about this formerly secret ‘long planned’ artistic and pictorial event to be held at the National Portrait Gallery, we can already see the lines of tourists, Trump supporters and media lining up to get a glimpse of the now passé, antiquated yet resuscitated ‘Apple tossing meteoric Trump!’

  1. KURIN RESPONSE: http://www.unafraid-and-unashamed.com/smithsonian-responds-by-dr.-kurin.html

APPLICATION: http://www.unafraid-and-unashamed.com/smithsonian-application-1.html

PRESS RELEASE: http://www.unafraid-and-unashamed.com/smithsonian-press-release.html

APPEAL: http://www.unafraid-and-unashamed.com/smithsonian-appeal.html





13 Dec


Julian Raven, Artist

714 Baldwin St.

Elmira, NY 14901


December 6th, 2016



“It’s too BIG!” was the director’s first objection! The director followed with another salvo, ‘The Smithsonian requires ALL portraits be painted from life” to the total shock of Julian Raven, artist and painter of the historic Trump Portrait ‘Unafraid And Unashamed’. Raven hit back, “You showed the Obama ‘Hope’ poster which was not created from a live sitting with Barack Obama!” To which Director Sajet seemed to stamp her foot and insist that it had been created from life, she in fact was now lying! (Later Raven was to discover Director Sajet had misquoted the legal requirement for portrait acceptance by deleting the final part of the statute, “Works must be the best likeness possible; original portraits from life, if possible”.) One would expect the director to actually know the ‘questionable’ story behind the Obama poster by Shepherd Fairey. She insisted, until Raven educated her on the facts, those being how former White House Liaison for the Arts, Yosi Sergant, the leftist political activist and ‘brain-child’ behind the poster, had commissioned Fairey to create the poster and how it was a digitized image of a photo taken by an AP photographer. Raven had participated in an art show in LA curated by Sergant in which he had shown his Trump portrait alongside one of the 3 copies of the screen printed version of the ‘Hope’ poster, one of which was shown in the National Portrait Gallery.


By this time Raven was driving the conversation back to the point about her objection to the scale of the painting as being ridiculous, at which Director Sajet began to backtrack and apologize for her nonsensical objection about the scale, to the amazement of the artist! (Remember, the director of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery had called the artist personally to let him know of her objections, and within 5 minutes was apologizing!) She proceeded to rattle off more personal objections to the Trump portrait by now turning to its content.


“It’s too pro Trump!” At this point the artist’s amazement was surreal! “Too pro Trump?”, he shot back, “and the Obama poster was not Pro-Obama?” “Its too political”, she said, alluding to the imagery in the painting, the American flag, the Bald Eagle and the depiction of The USA. Those are patriotic symbols. Now the director was objecting to patriotism! This portrait of President Elect Donald J. Trump, was painted in the summer of 2015. It prophetically, symbolically and patriotically depicted Trump as America’s future President. Now it was too Patriotic for the NATIONAL Portrait Gallery! Amazingly, according to The Smithsonian, Director Kim Sajet is not even an American Citizen!


Feeling ‘dazed and confused’ the artist responded with another rebuttal, “So the Obama ‘Hope’ poster was neither political nor patriotic?” She replied, “It needs to be more neutral!” . Yet, she kept mentioning the ‘George Washington’ portrait in the Smithsonian, that also contradicted her stance! With that, the Director ended her barrage of personal objections and dislikes of the painting. Her final comment, “It’s no good, it’s a bad painting of Trump!”. Director Sajet then told the artist that she was the director, that his application submitted in writing would go no further, get no official written response and that he could appeal her decision all he wanted! If there ever was a portrait of hubris, this was it!


Director Sajet, in hastily rejecting and condemning this historic work of art, has violated the very conditions for acceptance to the National Portrait Gallery established by Congress. The most important point Congress made was this: “Even today, in every instance, the historical significance of the subject is judged before the artistic merit of the portrait, or the prominence of the artist.”

Again, demonstrating her personal bias and ignorance of the very basis for accepting a portrait, Director Kim Sajet did not even bother to consider the historical significance of the Trump Portrait. In addition, this was the only recognized pro-Trump portrait to have been part of President Elect Donald J. Trump’s historic Presidential campaign!


A copy of Raven’s portrait has been hanging in Trump Tower since November 2015. It has been seen across the country in Julian Raven’s grassroots campaign, in which Eric Trump also participated. It was part of the ‘Art Of Politics’ show in LA along with the nation’s top political art and artists. An image of the painting was also part of Trump Exec. Lynne Patton’s viral video ‘The Trump Family I know’, which generated millions of views and shares. This video was shown at the RNC in Cleveland, establishing the Trump Portrait to be the only work of art recognized at the Convention. It was also on display at the New York Delegation headquarters in Cleveland and in the Public Square amidst hordes of protesters. The painting was also featured in the Huffington Post’s, ‘If This Art Could Vote,’ election art gallery. It also served as the backdrop to numerous, videos, rallies, websites, Facebook pages etc. It was featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and in media across the globe. The application to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery is supported by GOP chairpersons, radio host Frank Acomb, art collectors, and elected representatives, such as Congressman Tom Reed, Senator Tom O’Mara and Elmira Mayor Dan Mandell, all who represent over 200,000 upstate New York citizens.


Do you recall Director Sayet’s rejection of a 15,000 person petition to remove the objectionable bust of Margaret Sanger by black pastors, led by Bishop E.W. Jackson, Senators Cruz and Gomer amongst many other elected representatives back in August of 2015? What about the recent snubbing of Chief Justice Clarence Thomas by the Smithsonian African American Museum? Now, with this bizarre, biased and incompetent behavior by Director Kim Sayet regarding the Trump Portrait, the conditions for a perfect storm have been created.


The ‘swamp’ of blatant liberal bias at the Smithsonian must be drained!


Artist Julian Raven became an American Citizen on September 17th 2015. He is a grassroots political Trump campaigner. He was elected within his first year of citizenship to become a New York Alternate Delegate to represent New York at the Cleveland RNC. He is a public speaker, entrepreneur and minister. He is married to Gloria Raven. They have three beautiful children and they live in Elmira, New York.


For the full story go to www.thetrumpportrait.com



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