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The Great Trump Clinton Debate And a New Day

27 Sep

The Great Debate And The New Day

Donald Trump gets up one day and decides it is time to end the nonsense of political corruption and correctness that is crippling our Nation. He decides after years of watching inept politicians continually sabotage his country with one sided (benefiting the other side), lop sided and soft military and economic trade deals where America always picks up the tab and says that is it, I am done, I have to do something.

He embarks on a somewhat impossible mission as an unelected builder from New York. He goes up against a whole cadre of professional politicians in the primary and basically spanks them all and sends them home.

Trump is not a trained politician, skilled in the art of debate, he is a builder, a doer, a guy that sees the problems, calls them as they are and gets stuff done! That is what builders do, the do!

And last night that quality shone through all of the noise, back and forth jabbing, slugging and spitting. Trump courageously goes into the debate up against the quintessential queen of ambition, political greed and professional political spiel!

Colin Powell’s hacked emails were very telling for me. He had a close relationship with Clinton where he could call her a friend, and yet he savaged her as a person with “a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational.”

This assessment is totally damning as was on full view last night. Trump managed to continually point out that in 30 years Clinton really had not accomplished anything. Isis was created under her watch as Secretary of State and the debt continued to skyrocket, trillions of dollars remain overseas, and jobs kept leaving the US at unsustainable rates.

Clinton is the same old typical politician with a plan for this and that and the desire to always increase taxes and spend other people’s money on her plans that she has proven cannot fix the ‘systemic’ problems that she knows exists and yet that she is an intrinsic part of and that she cannot separate herself from!

Powell described Trump as a ‘National disgrace and a pariah’ and yet the difference with Powell’s opinion on both of these people is that Powell does not know Trump personally at all. But he knows Clinton intimately, he called her ‘friend’. Remember he said of her that she has “a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational.”

Trump just getting in the ring with the queen of the corrupt Clinton dynasty and the never ending and ongoing perpetual scandals was a defeat for the establishment. The mere fact that a non elected politician, by the will of the people got into the ring to slay the establishment queen of elites was of biblical proportions!

The Trump victory happened when he showed up! One would expect a 30 plus year politician to be able to out debate the builder from Manhattan. Trump specializes in building, doing and getting stuff done, Clinton is just at home playing politics. But the writing is already on the wall, the time has come to bring an end to the establishment political controlling dynasties, establishment elites and controlling political systems that have been created by long term ambitious politicians, managed by long term ambitious politicians and which have strangled the economy with asphyxiating and unsustainable debt driven by “unbridled ambition and greed”!

They have had their day and their day is over!

A new day has come!

Vote for change, vote Trump!