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Liberal Art Is Dead

11 Nov


The massive, unending slurry of hate-filled, hate-mongering, shameful and visionless art from the liberal art world has contributed to this staggering political Trump victory and now defeated and drifting liberal political ideology.



The media, which has salivated, gleefully covered and promoted the unending ‘art’ stories of the shock & hate art that has oozed out of the deepest and darkest caverns of the human heart, now has to sit in the cesspool of hatred. Masquerading as ‘art’ this death dealing created power now rests squarely upon the media’s shoulders. The hellish and gravity magnifying pull of celebrated perversion and darkness is causing this implosion and this irresistible, powerful dragging force driving it back to where it comes from.


The elitist art world, which glorifies smut, celebrates the mockery of faith, ridicules patriotism and has excoriated Donald Trump throughout this 2015-2016-election season, has finally damned itself.


The end of the morality, Christ hating, conservative mocking, drunken and frenzied Art world has finally choked and drowned itself in its own vomit. Drunk on its power to graphically and artistically attack, ridicule and destroy precious, sacred and eternal values in the name of ‘Art’ has come to a grinding halt as the climax of this now self devoured liberal ideology has lost control and wrecked itself by driving headfirst into a tree.


By falsely depicting and deliberately misrepresenting Donald Trump in so many varied and wicked ways, the art world and the media created an image of Donald Trump that they now have to live with inside of their own heads. They believed, they created their own nightmare, their own horror story, filled with monstrous, demonic and ghoulish depictions of Trump created with every stroke of their corrupt brushes and now they alone have to live in that hell. And that is why they are so devastated because their own created reality has come to haunt them.


Rather than champion their so called conservative crushing ‘progressive visions’ with magnificent paintings of their hopes, rather than celebrate their ideas and cherished so called principals, they coughed up no vision, no dreams, no existentially positive images! Life, true hope and true existential visions cannot be produced from hearts so inclined towards celebrating sin and evil. It is impossible for sweet and bitter water to issue forth from the same fountain. The desperate and desolate condition of the hearts of those plagued by the scourge of liberalism is now on full display.


The good news in all of this is that people can turn. People can turn away from their ways, people can be redeemed! Repentance is a grace which God offers to the lost. Recognizing one’s condition, humbling one’s self and crying out for salvation is the beginning of the road home.


Liberal Art Is dead!