17 Oct
What is worse?
TRUMP’s SINS: Vulgar and crude speech made by a TV celebrity, billionaire New York builder/real estate developer over 10 years ago. He was not elected, not entrusted with constituted authority, not bound by a sworn oath of public office and the protection of the laws and constitution of this country.
His words are still wrong, still sinful and indefensible and he is paying the price for them as your sins will find you out. He did not violate sacred trust from the people. The accusations right now remain accusations, they are the ‘he said/she said’ type and need discovery in a court of Law.
Remember you are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty! Trump has apologized for his comments and denied the accusations.
CLINTON’s SINS: HILLARY’s corruption of public office has now been proven by the continual expose of her private emails/server scandal. She violated the sacred trust given her by the people. Even though the FBI director refused to recommend Secretary Clinton be prosecuted, the case against her was staggering. The admission by the FBI director of Clinton’s lies was deeply troubling, and to my dismay the FBI director crumbled under the pressure to protect Clinton. The corrupting influence of the Clinton enterprise is astounding with what we know and shocking to think about what we do not know.
The Clinton foundation by all appearances is a slush fund of sorts through which world leaders give massive amounts of money to the Clinton foundation which has now been proven to be for purchasing access to the Clintons for political favor.
The IRS has had years to indict TRUMP. No Indictment! These Trump accusers have had years to go to the police, and NOTHING was done until now. Very suspect to me!
TRUMP has yet to be entrusted with political power. He is being vetted to see if he is trustworthy. His moral failings no doubt are a concern but do they compare to the political corruption of the Clintons?
CLINTON has been in politics for decades. Her husband BILL CLINTON was IMPEACHED as the President of the United States because of PERJURY! He lied under oath….UNDER OATH to the American people. Does Hillary’s corruption and lying not indicate that this couple is very very sick? How could it be that people are considering sending him back to the White House as the other half of a new President?
Hillary’s answer at the end of the last debate was the best endorsement of TRUMP that she could have given. If you want to know what TRUMP is really like look at his children!
Trump did not hold office when he transgressed and so he should not lose office or the prospect of holding public office. Clinton held public office when she transgressed and she should lose office as a result as many people have for doing far less that she has done.
Trump would not qualify to hold office in a church. But his immorality may actually qualify him to hold political office by the Clinton standards…

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