Is there Anti-Trump & Anti Pro-Trump Art Bias/Blackout in the local media?

6 Oct

You may not like Donald Trump or his supporters.  You may not like me, Julian Raven, my painting or my efforts to help elect Trump for President.  And that is ok, we live in a great country where freedom is cherished.


The problem locally is the deliberate effort by the local media, The Stat Gazette, The Leader, WENY and WETM to ignore news worthy events related to Trump.  Since November the 1st 2015, these so called objective ‘news’ sources have done their best to ignore this story.  At first I thought maybe I was imagining things? I invited over 50 journalists and news platforms for the unveiling of the 8×16 foot Trump painting which took me nearly 600 hours to finish back on November 1st, 2015.  One reporter came from Time Warner Cable News.


This proves that the invitation went out and was received and at least someone covered it from Binghamton.  At that time Trump was still not taken seriously.  But there was nothing going on that night on November the first locally, where were the rest of them?  We secured the Split Rock Cafe in the Arena and had a rally for Trump and Dan Mandell and unveiled the Trump painting.  A local story about art, faith, patriotism and local politics completely ignored!

Since then I personally have travelled the country on my patriotic journey as a new born citizen.  The painting has been part of a grassroots campaign that has been life changing.  The 30 day, 5700 mile IOWA Caucused campaign was covered by conservative talker Frank Acomb from Frankly Speaking in Corning.  This remarkable journey of faith, art and patriotism was completely ignored locally but picked up nationally and internationally.


5 local grassroots Trump rallies later and only 2 reporters in total have come, the one from TWC and an Ithaca reporter from the Ithaca Times.  The local media was invited to each event.  WETM’s Tenner Jubenville did a piece on the Trump Banner at my art studio.  But when it came to covering the rally which he wanted to do, was unable to make it.

At our last rally we had a handful of New York politicians or their representatives about 120 people and it was a great rally.  For the run-down part of Elmira I am working on restoring, Baldwin St. had not seen so much traffic in many years!


Elmira grassroots Trump rally.

Since painting the Trump painting, I became a US citizen, a grassroots campaigner for Donald Trump and an Alternate Delegate from New York who within 9 months of becoming a citizen was sitting on the front row of the New York Delegation at the Republican National Convention! I did not realize what a big deal that was until I went to Cleveland.  What an honor!  And what a blessing from God!


NY GOP Chairman Ed Cox at Delegation HQ in Cleveland, RNC.

So, is there a media blackout locally against Trump, pro Trump art and Trump supporters?  Well read this article about the national media and another pro-Trump art event and see what you think.  ‘New York Journalists Concoct Media Blackout Against Pro-Trump Art Show’


What is so repulsive about this type of behavior is that these people pretend to be unbiased in their coverage of the news. If they were overtly liberal and admitted it, then fine be anti-Trump, but this type of skullduggery is reprehensible! It is a form a tyranny, it is an abuse of power!

I had asked Frank Acomb to write an invitation to Donald Trump to have him on his show. I forwarded it to the contacts in the Trump campaign that I have and within a month Donald Trump surprised Frank with a call in to his morning radio show. This was HUGE for Frank and his career. Since it was a surprise call in Frank put out a press release the next day to see if the local press/media was interested in sharing the great story and the great interview Frank conducted with Trump. Did anyone of the local news platforms pick up the story? You can answer that question.



Donald Trump And Frank Acomb

Since then my Trump painting has continued its journey. From the LA art show where it was on show with America’s most prominent political artists both liberal and conservative, to recently being featured in the highly liberal Huffington Post’s ‘If This Art Could Vote’ collection of 2016 Election Art.



Huffington Post ‘If This Art Could Vote’

This is relevant local Elmira news in my opinion. The frustration with biased media is very disheartening. One of my goals is to create a new local media platform to present the rest of the story. If you distrust the media and see the need as I do, then call me. 607-215-8711

Now you know the rest of the story!

Julian Raven.




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