The Art Of Trolling Trump By Artists & The Media

3 Oct

It is so frustrating, so infuriating to see liberals bending over backwards and embracing some absolutely tawdry political art in their desperation to justify and explain away their political woes, fears and anger. They are propping up every form of artistic demagoguery in their seeming desperation to make sense of their ultimately pointless worldview. Both the typical liberal art world and the unbiased liberal media have become the very throbbing and engorged womb for whence ooze the Trump trolling artists. Somewhat like that Lord of the Rings scene when those nasty Orks are seen being born into Middle Earth from slimy, muddy underground pods, these hordes of Trump art trolls are a seemingly endless marching army.

The glory, power and crucible of human achievement, the art world of Michael Angelo, Da Vinci, Bernini, Goya, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Degas, Renoir, Monet, Manet, Picasso, Dali et al, has been reduced to celebrated artistic trolls, trolling and propagating their scratchings and scribbles! The history of art, the great art masters and their masterpieces climax in 2016 in the never-ending slurry of lifeless Trump troll art. What is amazing to me is the sheer quantity of troll excrement that is being dumped into the somewhat sacred, historic and well-polished corridors of art history.


Yes, yes I know that others have come along in the last 100 years and slid their urinals down the well-waxed halls of art history, peddled sharks in formaldehyde or flogged their unmade bed replete with cigarette butts. Just a quick visit to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and one is reminded that much of modern art is simply stale crap! Please do not mistake what I am saying, I said ‘much’, is peddled by unscrupulous art dealceivers to the easily influenced, desperate for the next ‘now’ thing and yet so unprincipled, since there are always suckers with big bucks!

You see, if liberals and liberalism pushed by the liberal Democratic party really had the ingredients for true positive hope filled change, America would be singing a different tune today. President Barrack Obama has had nearly eight years to peddle his ideology, push his agenda and transform America! Folks he has had more than enough time, he has had the chance! And truth be told he has brought change, but the mantra he rode, his magic carpet of ‘Hope and Change’ turned out to be missing a wheel, the wheel of hope! Change has come but not for the better. America is no better now than when Obama took office. And granted many of our problems are not his fault, what we can learn and see in his policies, ideas and leadership is clearly on display today. Massive unsustainable debt, economic uncertainty, employment uncertainty, increased national racial tension, insane international deals and immigration run amok are just some of the pressing issues of the day.


If the troll artists, liberal troll artists had a point, if they had a vision, if they just had something worth selling, something they are positively passionate and excited about they would be focused on selling that. Their art would express, reveal and celebrate that, they would be so focused on the power and greatness of their ideas and visions that the diversions of the opposition, in this case Donald Trump would just not even catch their attention. Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high” which is an admirable moral quality which obviously does not apply to troll artists and the unbiased media.

The human heart brings forth what it contains by the words and art we create. “A good man brings good things (art) out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things (art) out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” Luke 6:45. So with the failure of ‘Hope And Change’ under Barrack Obama, those who once rode the wave of what is now demonstrated to be empty promises, are still angry, hopeless and full of hate which they cannot help but express through their paint brushes! Blaming Donald Trump now, painting him as the scapegoat for their lack of answers and solutions is the work of the politically and ideologically defeated! Donald Trump would not even be in the election had Obama succeeded in helping America. He would simply hand the baton to the next liberal democratic runner and there would be no contest.

But America is just not going to drink the cool aid of liberal ‘Hope And Change’ any more. And since a genuine change agent and leader has stood up, the art trolls have gone into a frenzy and have rushed out of their holes in the ground in defense of their failed ideas of pseudo ‘hope and change’. And since all they can do is spit into the very winds of real change and of history blowing and howling in their faces, one can almost gladly conclude that their very undoing, and the undoing of their failed liberal ideas and policies is not far off.

Liberalism is going to go under the bus for a very long time. President Obama, the now defunct champion of ‘hope’ with artist Shepherd Fairey’s help, has been a failure on so many levels. Although to be fair to Fairey, his work embodied positive vision, sincere hope for change, which sadly remains just wishful thinking nearly eight years later.  America is awakening because of the local, national and global escalating problems we face, and the recognition that something must change now for real!

The latest artistic plastic Trump troll statuesque monstrosities are a successful marketing gimmick but that is it. Even spending time mentioning the plastic Trump troll statues, which have graced the streets of cities all over the country falls into the very purpose of their cunning ploy. But alas, their work is ideologically and politically self-defeating. It evinces their putrid and worthless worldview. It reveals the content of their heart, and the condition of extrapolated self-contradictory liberalism in its final condition.

The hypocrisy is mind numbing, the continual leftist liberal cry for ‘safe spaces’, ‘anti-bullying’, ‘gay friendly’, ‘LGBTQ tolerance’, ‘Save the Whales’, ‘Save the Planet’, ‘Green Revolution’, ‘Gluten Free’, ‘Yoga pants’, ‘save the planet’ are completely undone when these radical leftists show their true colors when they create such hypocritical environmentally unfriendly plastic statues as they attempt to ‘fat shame’, ‘body shame’, ‘sex shame’. ‘age shame’ and even ‘hair shame’ Donald Trump. And naturally the world of closet trolls, Trump haters and the media just drink this stuff up, promote it with their photos, tweets and re-tweets by giving life to their outrageous hypocrisy.

Granted, in my opinion art should be enshrined in truth and thus art is a language that facilitates human expression even in the negative, critical and satirical. Troll art this election cycle has not only crossed over the line, but also smashed and crewed it up. If art is the license to violate every boundary of civility and decency with complete shocking disregard for our humanity, then what I have said is pointless, and sadly I must live in the dark ages of art.


In his recent Time article ‘Why we’re losing the internet to the culture of hate’ on the destructive power of internet Trolls, Joel Stein paints a digital picture of digital hate. He opens with these words; “This story is not a good idea. Not for society and certainly not for me. Because what trolls feed on is attention. And this little bit–these several thousand words–is like leaving bears a pan of baklava.” Artists create work that only really becomes art when it receives attention, what good is a painting hidden in a garage? Artists crave attention for their work because that is the natural process of art. But in this twisted world of attention seeking artists, the unscrupulous degrees to which these troll artists go is beyond the pale and should be called as such not celebrated. The art world leaders, the art critics in the media, the artists of recognition should be the first to denounce this art terrorism, rapidly putting an end to any attention given to the trolls. Recognition should be given to that which is worthy not that which is forced!


The difference between Internet trolls and art trolls is that the Internet troll usually just trolls one person at a time.   It is like a toad that can only spawn one offspring at a time. The art trolls are much more powerful in today’s pond, they are like the toads who spawn their brood in the millions, carrying them on their backs en-masse as they go on to release their brood into the pond. The power of the Internet to reproduce the image by a simple ‘click & share’ is unprecedented and the results can be nothing but on the level of complete contamination.

Sure Donald Trump is a controversial person. Sure he is polarizing. Sure that there are many people who dislike him. That is life. But the challenge to the liberal art world is can you say all that whilst maintaining a modicum of humanity, whilst being champions and visionaries of ‘Hope And Change’?

Never in my lifetime has there been such a desperate need for real ‘Hope and Change’. Art could once again cast these visions in picture form to the desperate world we all live in.


By Julian Raven




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