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28 Aug


Ideas below are a backbone to a realistic policy, which obviously needs refining.


By Julian Raven

Based upon my own journey to US citizenship, I can offer this model as a legitimate way to solve the current ‘ILLEGAL’ immigration problem, since I did it, it can be done and it works! The vast number of illegal aliens in our country poses a serious problem for us as a people that has been left untouched for too long, creating economic benefits for some, but conversely economic hardships for others and worst of all catastrophic and traumatic experiences for American Citizens at the hands of violent criminal ‘ILLEGALS’.


I came to America as a British citizen on a 3-month tourist visa in 1996. My plan was to pass through the US on my way to South America as a Christian missionary, being bilingual in English and Spanish. After three months my attempts to change my legal status in the US were unsuccessful. I became an illegal alien by overstaying my visa.


After 2 years of trying to get my legal status changed I was at the end of my journey through the shadows of being an ‘ILLEGAL’ alien. My conscience was continually bothered by my illegal status, which in many ways made me a second-class unwanted guest in America. As a Christian it was particularly bothersome since Christians are biblically required to obey the government, which on many occasions friends of mine reminded me about.


In the midst of this journey I had met a fine woman and fallen in love. Marriage was now a way for me to get a green card. But sadly accusations from my fiancé’s family dogged our courtship since her father wrongly accused me of wanting to marry her to get my Green Card.


It is a particularly demeaning experience to be living under the table. It stripped me of much of my freedom to be who I was since I was always aware that I was illegal and that others knew this since I was not one to hide my struggle for legal status. Marriage was now a way for me to solve my problem, but I did not want to have that accusation hanging over my head. My journey as an illegal alien ended when I decided to surrender to the authorities and leave the country on my own.


With my Pastor Ed. Mangham and fiancé, Gloria D’Amato (Now Raven) we traveled to 26 Federal Plaza in New York City to the Immigration And Naturalization building. I reasoned that rather than just leave, it was the right thing to do by surrendering to the authorities to tell them that I was sorry and if they arrested me so be it. This way this season would be closed and a new season could begin.


The INS agents were very surprised that someone would surrender himself or herself as an ‘Illegal Alien’. They told me to just leave the country immediately, which I did.


It was probably the hardest thing to do in my life up until that time. I was ‘head over heels’ in love with my fiancé Gloria. We were devastated at the prospects of my departure. We thought about eloping and just solving the problem the easy way. But that would not clean the slate. I would still be someone ‘ILLEGAL’ getting legal by marriage. And that would never change, it would always be part of my story. As a person preparing for ministry, to have that blemish was not desirable! The bible calls for ministers to be without reproach, so the right path was the hardest and that was for me to leave, to self-deport!


They warned my at the INS building that they would probably stamp my passport with a 5-10 year ‘NO RETURN’ stamp to the US. I was terrified, what would happen to my now peaking engagement to Gloria?


The path before me was clear and Gloria and I would pay the price no matter what. God would have His way and I would go in faith trusting our love would be strengthened through the distance and the trials. It did become one of the hardest times of my life personally, even though it was a return to where I grew up.


6 months passed and the door swung wide open for me to return legally to the United States. Our church back in the United States had given us the green light to get married!


I returned to the United States ‘legally’ in1998. Gloria and I were married within the three months ‘legally’ on December the 5th, 1998 and now I could lift my head high having done all things that were required of me to be right with God, country and family.


It took nearly 5 years for my green card to be issued. It took another 10 years for that card to expire and for me to apply for Citizenship. I became a citizen nearly 20 years later from when I first arrived in the United States on the 17th of December 2015.




Immigration Policy and system can be developed/fine tuned whilst the TRUMP WALL is being built. The greatest psychological effect on the minds of illegal aliens from all over the world will be seeing the wall built. They will know President Trump is serious once it is started and of course once completed. They will be put on notice! Most foreigners considering coming to America will think twice if not decide not to even try to come once the wall begins!


  1. All ‘ILLEGALS’ are given 6 months to leave the US once the policy is instituted. This happens after a period of policy marketing and explanation to the many cultures harboring illegal immigrants. This time period will give ‘ILLEGALS” time to prepare their journey.
  2. ‘ILLEGALS’ are allowed to register and leave at specified departure centers around the country.
  3. Couples who are legally married and can prove their marriage at the departure center, where both register and get fingerprinted, but one parent can remain staggering their departure over a 13-month period. ‘ILLEGAL’ Children under 18 can remain or leave as the parents choose and are legalized with their parents. One-month over-lap allows for a humane parent exchange.
  4. ILLEGALS who have escaped from countries where persecution exists need to go through a reformed ‘refugee’ system that vets them and then gives them a legitimate path to residency if they can prove persecution as the reason they fled their country of origin. If not they must leave within 6 months.
  5. What TRUMP & ILLEGALS will gain by self-deporting:
  6. Dignity of spirit and a clear conscience. The self-respect of having done the right thing. Coming out of the shadows and actively being part of the solution is a critical element to a participatory citizenship. Being ‘ILLEGAL’ and having your status changed by an act of congress condones law breaking rather than building respect for our laws. The respect for America and our laws, which has provided them a way forward legitimately, will soar!
  7. TRUMP will be true to his word as the law enforcement candidate and his supporters will rally and be encouraged. The risk of failing to be the ‘Law enforcement’ candidate is high. Existing laws must be obeyed or else justification is giving for all and any law to be ignored.
  8. By following a self-deportation program ILLEGALS will purchase the right of return as ‘GUEST WORKERS’ after a 3-6 months exile.
  9. At the deportation centers around the country they will be registered, photographed, fingerprinted and a DNA sample will be taken.
  10. They will be given a date after which they can return.
  11. During their absence the DNA sample can be tested to see if crimes have been committed. If they are in the clear they can return after the prescribed date. If not they can be informed.
  12. Upon return after the prescribed date they are finger printed again to confirm their absence. (If during that time they try to re-enter illegally they are permanently deported with no option to return.)
  13. Upon return after the prescribed date of return, former ILLEGALS are given legal working papers as temporary workers.
  14. This document allows them to travel freely, work freely, pay taxes, medical etc. and have limited rights as ‘guest workers.’
  15. These papers are renewed yearly and indefinitely as long as they obey the law etc. and as long as the US needs them.
  16. If after 3-5 years the ‘guest worker’ wishes to become a legal ‘resident’ then they can apply for the Green Card which gives them limited rights as a resident which includes obtaining driver’s licenses etc.
  17. Again their track record as a ‘guest worker’ is examined to see if they now qualify for residency.
  18. After 10 years as a legal resident they can apply for citizenship.
  19. The 10-year citizenship process now ensures assimilation.
  20. They must learn English.
  21. They must learn American history and embrace our values and a proficient understanding of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  22. The Citizenship testing spans a 12-month period where individuals prove they have assimilated by following the requirements and proving them over the 12 month testing process. Current citizenship testing is weak and a reflection of our dumbed down education system.
  23. After the 12 months, ‘if’ they qualify they are then granted the privilege of becoming an American Citizen with full rights of citizenship.




  1. ‘ILLEGALS’ who are discovered ‘out of status’ in the country after the 6-13 month ‘Self Deportation’ period has expired are immediately deported with no option of return.
  2. Illegals who commit crimes, felonies, and other mid to high grade crimes are deported with no option to remain once they have served their time which included punishment for their illegal status.
  3. Illegals with criminal records who are deported and return illegally and are caught are immediately jailed for 5-10 years for violating deportation. No questions asked.




  1. New Aggressive ‘Illegal Hiring’ bureau that will investigate and punish businesses that employ illegal workers.
  2. $5000.00 fine per illegal worker discovered.
  3. Back Tax fines per illegal worker discovered, based on duration of employment.
  4. $10,000.00 per illegal worker discovered after the first offence.
  5. Loss of business license with continual hiring of ‘ILLEGALS’.
  6. Severe financial penalties will rapidly slow and eventually end the hiring of ‘ILLEGAL’ workers.
  7. Creation of a ‘legal’ workers pool to supply demand for legal documented ‘temporary’ workers.
  8. Once the enthusiasm to hire illegals ends because of LAW enforcement, the desire to come to America ‘illegally’ will end. – No work for illegals!
  9. Goal is to send the message ‘No work for ‘Illegals’ in America. ‘ILLEGALS” will self deport when the work dries up.
  10. For a season, maybe 10 years there should be a moratorium on additional ‘guest workers’ being accepted, until current ‘ILLEGALS’ are all documented or deported, unless the market demands them.
  11. Quotas can be established for yearly ‘guest worker’ requirements based on industry growth demands.


I sincerely hope that these ideas or a portion of them can assist Mr. Trump in solving our ‘ILLEGAL’ immigration problem.

Julian Raven