Mis-Remembering, Super Cycling and The Contradictions of Modern Man.

26 Feb

In a world of shifting shadows, ‘evolving’ values and Hi-definition be-headings, it is a wonder that people can get up each day and make sense of their lives. The ever shifting sands of humanistic historic revisionism, self satisfying moral deconstruction & re-invention and celebratory parades of progression with much fanfare and man made applause, have created a vast petri dish of unguided and pointless chemical reactions.


As a young boy, I always struggled with inconsistencies in my own life and in the world I saw around me. I was told not do this or that by people who justified adultery or other behaviors that were either good or bad depending on who did them and how they did them. Values changed like the shadows of the rising and setting sun. It all seemed to boil down to do what ever you want, do what ever makes you feel good, just do it. There are some supposed caveats along with this mantra, but pointless they are since the first premise is so self driven that any other qualifying or limiting placed upon the self by self or others are merely to protect others from themselves in this self absorbed, self contradictory and self defeating mantra of the so called ‘selfish’ modern life.


These inconsistencies and many others drove me to search for truth because I realized that unless there is some set of objective standards outside of ourselves that are objectively true, then nothing really could make sense if you thought about it. And so the way to make sense of the nonsense is to not think about it, to think little, to never think deeply, just do what you feel is good and numb the mind with more pleasure, materialism, food, drink and the lust for gorging oneself into a state of inebriation, numbness and intoxication so that the senses writhe in delirium and the mind gets wonderfully distracted! Who cares, for tomorrow we are to die…..yada yada yada!


The natural world is governed by absolute objective values, standards and laws. Every time you jump off a really tall building it hurts and you die, and every time you go swimming with cement shoes on your feet you drown. These laws in nature, that govern nature are there to stay, except in the unusual cases of the miraculous where the laws are suspended, which is another subject for another day.


Today, I am just continually dismayed by how so many people can compartmentalize these natural ‘absolute’ realities alongside the shifting sands of personally self gratifying moral values and still make heads or tails of this world.  Well like I said, truthfully you cannot, you must do everything to avoid going there, where one might come to a morally challenging, enlightening, inevitable and logical conclusion.


I mean look at the news lately. ‘Civilized’ people are continually appalled and horrified by the murderous head rolling rampage of thugs like ISIS and yet most In the ‘modern’ world today adhere to a belief system in which men believe they are the product of random chaotic and accidental chemical reactions. Life is supposedly nothing more than a cosmic ‘fart’. This purposeless accidental coming into being then produced random life forms that eventually ‘evolved’ into monkeys which then evolved into humans. Science rules the day, scientists are the new priesthood of the modern creed and yet what they say and do is completely inconsistent with what they profess and believe. Pseudo religiosity at its scientific worst! They champion the ‘survival’ of the fittest, ‘dog eat dog’ mantra and then they wring their wrists at religious people’s murderous hypocrisy. Modern man becomes incensed and offended having been beguiled by poor old history making,7 times Tour-De –France winning Lance Armstrong and the misremembering Brian Williams. Should they not be celebrated, cheered, applauded and rewarded with little golden statues? How about the ‘ingenious’ and self-gratifying conquests of the king of comic relief Bill Cosby? He was supposedly using his evolutionary ‘fittest’ powerful richie-rich persona to get some and he is derided for it? As if this super advanced and developed evolutionarily naturally fizzing bottle of vapors, gases and foul stinks was somehow ‘WRONG’ in what he did? Where do accidental chemical reactions get ‘WRONG’, ‘EVIL’, ‘CRIMINAL’ or ‘BAD’ from?


Lance Armstrong should be celebrated as a chemical hero, since he used chemicals to become a two-wheeled heroic figure, the chemicals being the very building blocks he is fizzed from. And Brian Williams, should he not be worshipped as a guru of creativity, since he just invented parts of his career ‘ex-nihilo’ or out of nothing? This should be celebrated as ‘uber’ creativity along side the artwork of many modern day ‘artists’ and their $4 million dollar un-made beds! I mean look at the results of his use of his highly evolved evolutionary instinct and delightfully selfish creativity, he made it super, ‘uber’, ‘BIG’! Should that not be celebrated as championing the survival of the fittest? He became one of the fittest in his realm!


We live in the modern age of the ‘throuple’, three women getting married to each other. Also of scientific ingenuity and advancement as genetic manipulation advances to blend three people’s DNA into one baby. Lying, cheating, fornicating, adultery, murder, stealing, men with men, women with women is soon to be just another shifting shadow just like the now accepted objectification of women and the celebration, normalization and glamorization of sexual darkness, bondage and depravity thanks to the all the shades of mixing black and white!


Hey, after all, chemicals will be chemicals. And why should anybody say BOO? Women get their burdensome ‘accidents’ deleted, young women, boys and girls get snatched by the hundreds for the self gratifying ‘needs’ of others and ISIS is advancing and graphically demonstrating Darwinian evolutionary theory for all to observe and especially scientists to celebrate. ISIS are definitely weeding out the week and surviving as the fittest in the region, even in the face a US military ‘blitz’! They are one mighty, evolving and mutating virus!



So my fellow chemicals, have a nice reaction!


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